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Adult Martial Arts Classes Ellenbrook & Bullsbrook

Taekwondo has become one of the world’s most popular martial arts generally due to its great kicking skills and amazing speed development.  The ATI Martial Arts adult taekwondo program is perfect for both beginners and advanced martial arts practitioners. Aside from the traditional Korean Martial Art, we have also incorporated basic boxing and street self-defence skills, as well as great core strength and cardio fitness exercises. Our ATI Martial Arts Taekwondo program covers:
  • Focus and discipline associated with Martial Arts
  • Boxing, kicking, blocking and stances
  • Self-defence (including ground defence and escaping grabs and holds)
  • Exercises for strength, speed, flexibility and agility
  • Board breaking using kicks and hand strikes
  • Learning a “Pattern” (a choreographed sequence of traditional blocking and striking movements)
  • Sparring (ITF Style. ATI-approved sparring equipment is required for this program – please see us for more information.)
Our social element helps with developing skills and continuing to be motivated as we have many adults with the same goals, to lead a more positive and healthy life and learn how to protect yourself along the way.
ATI Ellenbrook Martial Arts - Taekwondo Adults