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Kids Martial Arts Classes Ellenbrook & Bullsbrook

Taekwondo is a traditional Korean form of martial arts that develops discipline, focus, coordination, core body strength, kicking skills and confidence. It may feature the use of visibly aggressive movements, but at its core, the art promotes a peaceful, non-violent approach to resolving confrontations and conflicts.

This program is great for kids from aged 7 to 15 and covers areas such as:

    • Focus and discipline associated with Martial Arts
    • Boxing, kicking, blocking and stances
    • Self-defence (including ground defence and escaping grabs and holds)
    • Exercises for strength, speed, flexibility and agility
    • Board breaking using kicks and hand strikes
    • Learning a “Pattern” (a choreographed sequence of traditional blocking and striking movements)
    • Sparring (ITF Style. ATI-approved sparring equipment is required for this program – please see us for more information)

Combined together, these skills will help your kids develop into strong and confident martial artists.

ATI Ellenbrook Martial Arts - Taekwondo Juniors